Ann Williamson designs one-of-a-kind clothing for the creative individual.

Her background in art history introduced her to fabric as an art medium. Today, she creates jackets, coats and separates as expressions of this medium, emphasizing stunning design and impeccable workmanship.

Ann's clothing incorporates a diversity of hand-sewing techniques: beading, appliqué, piecing and embroidery. Her garments exemplify her love of exquisite natural fabrics and the palette of colors and textures they offer.

Ann collects vintage Japanese kimono silks, rich in subtle weaves, fine-stenciled prints and artisan paintings. She combines pieces from different bolts and re-sews them into new designs and motifs: the radiating patterns of a city map…  the bold stripes of a rugby shirt… the swirling spirals of atomic particles.

Her finished designs look striking from a distance; up close, their impeccable attention to detail distinguishes them.

Ann (R) with stylist and model

“I measure the success of my clothing by how it looks and feels on the woman who wears it. I want each piece to flatter and enhance the body it adorns. Every coat, jacket or blouse should make its wearer feel fabulous. I stay attuned to fashion trends, yet I think of my work as 'outside' of fashion. My pieces are classic shapes embellished with patterns and designs as unique as the women who wear them.”